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Friday, 4 September 2009

Exeter New England's UFO Capital

Thanks to a highly publicized UFO sighting in 1965, Exeter is known as the "UFO Capital of New England." Should we believe in UFOs, or are they just nonsense? The idea of "belief" shouldn't really be part of the question. A UFO, after all, is an "Unidentified Flying Object" — "unidentified" being the operative word. It's when we begin to interpret what the object is that we get into trouble. As soon as it's called an alien spacecraft it becomes an "Identified Flying Object," then you have to start talking about "belief." And in spite of all the sightings and theories, there is still no physical proof that alien spacecraft have visited Earth. Too bad, because it would be really cool if we could prove it.

Or, perhaps not. On our lonely little planet, it has generally been disastrous when native populations were visited by other, more technologically advanced cultures. Maybe it wouldn't be in our best interests to invite visitors from other star systems. There must be life out there somewhere — the universe is simply too darn big to contain only this one small puddle of life. But we're really, really far away from each other. Still, it isn't outside the human imagination that there might be some way to bridge the distances and differences.

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