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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Is Time Disappearing from the Universe?

Remember a little thing called the space-time continuum? Well what if the time part of the equation was literally running out? New evidence is suggesting that time is slowly disappearing from our universe, and will one day vanish completely. This radical theory may explain a cosmological mystery that has baffled scientists for years.

Scientists previously have measured the light from distant exploding stars to show that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. They assumed that these supernovae are spreading apart faster as the universe ages. Physicists also assumed that a kind of anti-gravitational force must be driving the galaxies apart, and started to call this unidentified force "dark energy".

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Snake Found Under Car Bonnet

The strange hissing noise coming from the engine wasn't quite what the mechanics expected when they looked under the bonnet of a Skoda.

For among the problems was ... a 5ft python curled round the battery.

The owner had dropped off his vehicle at Morris Road Garage in Lewes, East Sussex, worried he had serious engine trouble.

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New Henge Found At Stonehenge

Archaeologists have discovered a second henge at Stonehenge, described as the most exciting find there in 50 years.

The circular ditch surrounding a smaller circle of deep pits about a metre (3ft) wide has been unearthed at the world-famous site in Wiltshire.

Archaeologists conducting a multi-million pound study believe timber posts were in the pits.

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

'Eternal' sun-plane still aloft after 7 days, aiming for 14

A British-made solar powered aircraft has been airborne above a US military test range in Arizona for more than seven days continuously, it has been announced.

The "Zephyr", made by controversial MoD boffinry selloff bonanza firm Qinetiq, is still in flight above the US Army Yuma Proving Ground as of publication, having taken off last Friday. At 168 hours as of just before 3pm UK time, this far outstrips the official world record for longest duration unmanned flight (30 hours 24 minutes, set by the RQ-4A Global Hawk in 2001).

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China Now Says UFO Over Chinese Airport “Under Investigation”

An unidentified flying object was spotted just outside the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International July 7th in the city of Hangzhou, China. The Civil Aviation Administration of China suspended flights for 60 minutes as they attempted to determine the origination of the UFO.

In China it is unusual for information of this kind to make the Internet, let alone the local news but the pictures and speculation ran rampant in China as the Civil Aviation Administration of China scrambled to confirm the UFO’s identity.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Archaeologists unearth oldest written document found in Jerusalem

A tiny clay fragment dating back to the 14th century B.C., which was found recently in excavations outside Jerusalem's Old City walls, constitutes the oldest written document ever found in the city, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem said on Monday in a statement.

"The find, believed to be part of a tablet from a royal archive, further testifies to the importance of Jerusalem as a major city in the late Bronze Age, long before its conquest by King David," the statement read.

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ET Phone Brussels

A European Union lawmaker urged member governments last week to open their secret files on UFOs, saying people need to know about close encounters of the third kind.

Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the European Parliament, told The Associated Press in an e-mail Tuesday that the EU needs its own "X Files" archive where anyone can see information on UFOs -- including data gathered by the military. Borghezio said all European governments should go public and stop what he called a "systematic cover-up."

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