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Friday, 25 June 2010

Creepy 'Horseboy' photo on Scottish road becomes latest Google Streetview mystery

He only wanted to find an optician's to repair his glasses.
But what Russell Moffatt saw on Google StreetView made him question whether he also needed to get his eyes tested.
The bizarre sight, dubbed 'Horseboy', has become an unlikely internet sensation after being snapped by one of Google's cars on an otherwise unremarkable Aberdeen street.
Now, the search is on to unmask the mystery prankster.

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UFOs at the UN -- A Close Encounter

Will the European Union disclose any UFO files it might have, as one lawmaker called for several days ago, perhaps bringing new facts to a field long relegated by government officials as science fiction?

Maybe, but this isn't the first time world leaders have had a close encounter with UFOs.

As AOL News reported here earlier this week, Italian Northern League party leader Mario Borghezio has urged all 27-member EU governments to open the books and reveal any previously secret UFO files.

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'Strange bones' in Colchester Egyptian Mummy

The skull of an ancient Egyptian mummy in Colchester is packed with 'strange bones', a CT-scan has revealed. The scan on 2,500-year-old Lady Ta-Hathor yesterday also revealed an odd bundle between her thighs, thought to be the remains of her organs.

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A cat from Jersey has shot to fame as the 'bionic cat'

"Without this surgery he wouldn't be here, it's as simple as that," Kate Allan, whose cat Oscar is recovering from an operation at the vet, said.

But Oscar is making headlines as it was no routine operation - he is the first bionic cat.

While snoozing in a maize field in Jersey, Oscar had his back paws sliced off by a combine harvester.

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Robots Used In Hospital

A SCOTS hospital is the first in Britain to employ ROBOTS as porters.

A fleet of the state-of-the-art machines will deliver food, medical supplies and laundry at the new £300million state-of-the-art Forth Valley Royal Hospital.

Health chiefs say the hi-tech helpers will cut the risk of infections and free staff for other duties.

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Orange UFO spotted again

A SECOND sighting of strange orange objects in the skies over the north of the borough has been reported.

Producer Kate Sioftanou reckons she saw similar UFOs to those spotted by former pilot David Crook in Buckhurst Hill earlier this month.

Ms Sioftanou said she spotted two ball-shaped lights from the back garden of her home in New Wanstead on Saturday June 5.

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'Bizarre' UFO lights caught on camera

THINGS that glow bright in the night are still causing a stir around Fort William.

In recent weeks there have been numerous reports of mysterious unidentified flying objects in the sky at various locations across the Highlands, and one of the latest, near Fort William, is backed by these amazing photos.

As reported in last week's Lochaber News, one of the most recent sightings took place in Fort William when smelter worker Stephen MacLeod, of Riverside Grove, Lochyside, saw mysterious lights while walking his dog just after midnight

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Vuvuzela Bursts Woman's Windpipe

Insurance saleswoman Yvonne Mayer, 29, was unable to speak or eat for two days after ripping her windpipe when she blew the three foot horn during a street party in Cape Town.

The next day shocked doctors diagnosed her with a ruptured throat and ordered her to rest it completely to allow it to heal.

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World Cup 2010 - Parents name baby girl 'FIFA'

One baby girl was named 'FIFA' (all in capitals) after the sport's governing body, while another was called 'Ke Nako', a World Cup slogan that means 'it is time'.

FIFA Ntshinga was born at Rahima Moosa Hospital in Johannesburg, while baby boy Ke Nako was born to teenage mother Busiswa Landiso and her 21-year-old boyfriend Samuel Ntshiwa, who both are from Bloemfontein.

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