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Friday, 30 April 2010

It's raining UFOs Down Under

The reports of UFO sightings in Australia have gone up with at least seven separate incidents having been reported in the past week.

The sighting of some "unexplained phenomena" has been happening almost every night since the first was reported last week, and most have taken place in Darwin's rural area.

A woman, who wants to be identified as only Shirel, reported the first sighting on April 21, saying that she saw the strange lights from her Humpty Doo home hovering over Howard Springs.

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Barnsley mother breastfeeds five-year-old boy

A mother from South Yorkshire has defended her decision to continue breastfeeding her son, despite him being five years old.

Amanda Hurst, from Barnsley, said her son Jonathan was confident and outgoing and had chosen to continue feeding.

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Seventy years "without food or water"

A team of scientists and doctors are studying the bizarre case of a man in India who says he has survived without food or water for the last 70 years.

Prahlad Jani, 82, also known as Mataji, is being examined in a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He claims that special powers from Hindu goddess Amba have allowed him to shun food and water since the age of eight.

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