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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The End of the World is Nigh!

People are saying that the end of the world and life as we know it is imminent. The date: 21-12-2012.

Articles, research and films have become preoccupied with the terrifying Planet Niburu, which is getting closer and closer to earth, and state that NASA has known about this since the beginning of the 1980s and has been hiding it from the world. As a result, I have looked into this planet that resembles earth. Nibiru would cause a change in the earth’s polar axis meaning that there would be a reversal in the rotation of earth. Consequently, the sun would rise in the West and set in the East. In 2011, the world’s population will be able to see Planet Nibiru shining almost as much as the sun in the sky! Terrifying earthquakes and unimaginable floods will strike the earth and volcanoes will erupt and fires will burn all resulting in the annihilation of 90 percent of mankind. They draw on logical and illogical ideas and prophecies of the remote Mayan people and on the teachings of Saint Augustine and Nostradamus and they link the Tsunami and global warming to the end of the world.

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Ghosts Exorcised From Irish House

THE ghosts of six children have been 'cleared' from a house in Tullyallen, the Drogheda Independent can reveal.

The house is thought by one of the mediums who carried out the clearing to have been built on the site of an ancient graveyard or soldiers' encampment.

The terrified homeowner, who doesn't want his identity revealed, says he can now sleep for the first time in almost ten years.

'I bought the house from new nine years ago, and although I've always been a good sleeper, I've never slept well in this house,' he says.

'I could never see anything, but I always knew there was something, or someone there, and you could really feel the presence very strongly.'

It finally reached the stage where he had to seek advice and contacted local mediums, who agreed to visit the house.

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Greenwich police respond to 'UFO' sighting

It wasn't a bird, a plane or Superman, but residents of downtown Greenwich thought a myriad of lights in the sky just may have been an unidentified flying object passing overhead Saturday night.

The bright, moving lights in the sky caused several people to call police to report a possible UFO sighting. Some reports indicated there had been 30 to 40 individual lights glowing in the night sky.

The questions prompted police to send two marine officers to investigate the sighting.

However, it didn't take long for police to determine the possible extraterrestrial sighting was actually a bunch of "genuine oriental sky lanterns" being set off at a birthday party taking place on Steamboat Road.

Officer Dennis O'Donnell said it didn't take much work to figure out what was going on.

"We got our binoculars and looked down," said O'Donnell. "We went down and spoke to the homeowner. We didn't want to ruin their fun."

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UFO sighting above Betws housing estate

A HOUSING estate in Betws was the scene of a mass UFO sighting last week.

A number of residents say they saw two bright orange objects travel overhead while the estate suffered a power cut.

And people living on Parc Penrhiw insist the objects – described as resembling a trio of orange tennis balls by one witness – were not terrestrial in origin but something out of the ordinary.

“Living under a flight path we all know what a plane looks like,” resident Matthew Bayliss, 25, told the Guardian.

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Is this Sydney's most bizarre lover's break-up?

IT could be one of the most embarrassing public break-ups of all time - or the work of a mischievous prankster.
Overnight, the series of signs that mysteriously appeared along a road in Sydney's Northern Beaches have prompted a huge online debate over whether they're the work of the city's cruellest love rat - or simply a massive hoax.

A woman named Jennifer is at the centre of the mystery after she was apparently unceremoniously dumped via telegraph pole on the area's busiest road.

Cruel dump or sick hoax?

In Tuesday's early hours, her supposed lover erected five separate signs on what is known as the Bilgola bends on Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon, the main arterial access to the rest of Sydney for those living in Avalon and Palm Beach.

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Strange Lights on Ayr Seafront

STRANGE white lights moving over Ayr beach have been caught on camera.

And a film of the phenomenon has been released on video sharing website, YouTube.

It shows up to 15 separate white lights floating above Ayr front just after sunset.

The 21-year-old filmer, who is known on the website as Sedor134, spoke during the clip about what she was witnessing.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

40 Maggot's Found Up Woman's Nose

When 70-year-old Laxmibai (name changed) first got a nose bleed, no one really paid much attention to it. Only when the bleeding continued
for five days and two hospitals couldn't find the cause for it that her family took her to civic-run Sion Hospital. The doctors there came up with the right diagnosis: she had maggots in her nose.

The doctors could not fathom how Laxmibai could have got the maggots in her nose. The woman, a Bhiwandi resident, had an explanation though: a housefly had entered her nose on Monday, a day before she started bleeding. She was taken to two other hospitals where she was given tablets and nose drops but none of the doctors could diagnose that the housefly's larvae were at the root of all trouble.

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The UFO Phenomenon & The "M" Factor

The MSM, (mainstream media), i.e., "The ´M´ Factor," if nothing else—is certainly consistent and predictable in regards to its treatment of the UFO subject.

Most of our readers are undoubtedly aware of the segment done on the Today Show on Monday (Labor Day), entitled, Secrets of The Future Today: Watching The Skies for UFO as well as ABC´s PrimeTime - The Outsiders, concerning the abduction phenomenon with focus on Stan Romanek; the latter aired a few weeks back and was dreadful.

Today´s attention however, is on the "Secrets," segment (seen here); not surprising, and what has become status quo for the MSM is the associating of the noun believer, or the verb believe when discussing the subject matter, insinuating that the topic is "faith-based" or is of a cultus of some sort. This all to common "painting" of Ufology by innuendo has become the norm for the MSM.

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UFOs spotted in Redditch

A REDDITCH man has had an encounter of the blurred kind after spotting strange lights in the sky.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, spotted four strange orange or yellow lights hovering above his house in Mappleborough Green last Friday, September 25 at about 8pm.

The orbs hung in the sky for a few minutes as the man struggled to get hold of a phone or camera to tape the incident.

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Adolf Hitler alive: weird conspiracy theories

The discovery that the skull believed to be Adolf Hitler's was actually a woman's has reignited conspiracy theories.

Rumours of Hitler’s survival have been widespread for years, with some even claiming he is alive today.

While that is unlikely – the Nazi leader would celebrate his 121st birthday in April – the possibility that he made it out of the Berlin bunker has been seriously put forward on several occasions. Here are four of the strangest theories.

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Hitler's Skull Is A Woman's

Bone with bullet hole found by Russians in 1946 came from an unknown woman, not the German leader.

In countless biographies of Adolf Hitler the story of his final hours is recounted in the traditional version: committing suicide with Eva Braun, he took a cyanide pill and then shot himself on 30 April 1945, as the Russians bombarded Berlin.

Some historians expressed doubt that the Führer had shot himself, speculating that accounts of Hitler's death had been embellished to present his suicide in a suitably heroic light. But a fragment of skull, complete with bullet hole, which was taken from the bunker by the Russians and displayed in Moscow in 2000, appeared to settle the argument.

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Monday, 28 September 2009

Russian UFO Event

Numerous residents living in and around Perm witnessed a UFO that appeared to be falling towards earth on September 15 at around 10pm. Internet UFO sites and radio stations were humming with theories as to what the object might have been. Most residents believed it was part of a satellite, some thought it might have been a meteor, and of course a few were convinced that they had seen a flying saucer or extraterrestrial craft.

Well known Perm expert on UFOs, Nikolai Subotin, commented that a satellite launch had been planned for around that time and therefore it was unlikely to have been an object of ET origin.

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Cult Pray For Leaders Resurrection

Followers of a cult here kept the body of their leader wrapped in plastic for 13 months after his death, while praying for him to be resurrected.

The dead man known as Ching Chi Vui @ Ivan, 37, headed the “Benevolent Missionary Association” about which little is known.

Police stormed the house at Taman Kobusak Villa in Penampang on Friday night and found three women, including twin sisters, conducting prayers for their “prophet” to come back to life.

It is learnt that he had told his followers not to bury him on his death as he would come back to life.

Police remained tight-lipped over the bizarre discovery but it is believed that the body was badly decomposed but neighbours had not complained of a foul smell.

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Spookiest Spots In Britain Revealed

If you're at all scared of ghosts, make sure you steer clear of Kent.
The county is home to more paranormal beings than anywhere else in Britain, a study revealed today.
It also suggests you're most likely to glimpse a UFO in Yorkshire, while the country's most famous werewolf lives in Staffordshire.

A phantom hitchhiker getting into motorists' cars, a Lancashire time-warp slip road that takes you back to the 1940s and the ghost of a one-legged priest were among the reported incidents. The findings come from the work of paranormal researcher Lionel Fanthorpe, 74, from Cardiff.

He has analysed sightings from across the country over the past 25 years to come up with a list of Britain's spookiest places.

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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Million to one apple is half red, half green

Fruit grower Ken Morrish was left stunned when he found a golden delicious apple on his tree split exactly half green, half red down the middle.

The fruit's striking colouring is thought to be caused by a random genetic mutation at odds of more than a million to one.

The apple has caused such a stir in the village of Colaton Raleigh, Devon, that Mr Morrish is inundated with neighbours queuing up to take pictures of it.

Mr Morrish, 72, who has been harvesting the apples from trees in his garden for 45 years, said: "It's truly amazing.

"It looks as if a green apple and a red apple has been cut in half and stuck together."

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Masons build on long history

Its members are male, mostly conservative, and many are retired. They advocate living a moral life and doing charitable work.

So why would anyone label the Freemasons a cult?

Maybe it has to do with members' mystery-shrouded rituals that include secret passwords and initiations, their use of arcane symbols and their penchant for bestowing such exotic titles as "Entered Apprentice" upon its members.

Maybe it's because of a historically rocky relationship with the Catholic Church, which reinforced a prohibition against the faithful becoming Masons with this 1983 declaration from then-Cardinal John Ratzinger: "Catholics who join the Masons are in the state of grave sin and may not receive Holy Communion."

Whatever the reason, Masons simply want people to know that there is nothing nefarious going on, that they are not a cult or even a religious organization, and that most of their 2 million or so brethren worldwide are law-abiding people with conservative values who have given tens of thousands of dollars to charities over the years, particularly to optometry and speech pathology causes.

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The Muck Monster Has an Official Home

The mysterious sea creature known as the "Muck Monster" has officially gained city residency.

Amid debates over budget cuts, tax hikes and potential layoffs, West Palm Beach commissioners took the time out to take care of the vital task of naming the Muck Monster an official citizen.

Muck Monster CapturedGood thing they did it now because rumor has it Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is looking for a new mascot to add to his changes.

The monster, which has gained fame like everything else these days - through YouTube video, has appeared only once in the Lake Worth Lagoon, but that cameo has made it the most famous resident in the city.

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Nessie On Holiday In Lake District?

A search is underway in England's Lake District, after two people claimed they saw something in the water, and strange ripples were caught on camera.

The sightings have prompted paranormal experts to say the evidence is overwhelming that Scotland's famous Loch Ness Monster has a relative in England.

The man who caught the occurrence on film didn't initially realise what he was looking at.

'When I saw this large patch of white water, I naturally zoomed-in on it...but shortly afterwards I just thought 'it's nothing really, it must be the local Windermere ferry' which operates on cables, and that would create such a horizontal effect...not realising that the Windermere ferry is a mile and a half north of that area,' John McKeown, a local film producer, said.

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UFO photographed over Devon

Lee Betts, 29, spotted the glowing red shape hovering 1,000ft up in the night sky from his bedroom window.

The object moved across the sky for more than an hour on Monday evening before shooting off into the distance.

Mr Betts, of Newton St Cyres near Exeter, said he watched the unidentified object through a telescope before taking the pictures at 9pm.

He said: ''I couldn't believe it at first. The shape was about 100ft long and there were four lights coming from it initially.

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LSD's long, strange trip back into the lab

LSD, the drug that launched the psychedelic era and became one of the resounding symbols of the counterculture movement of the '60s, is back in the labs.

Nearly 40 years after widespread fear over recreational abuse of LSD and other hallucinogens forced dozens of scientists to abandon their work, researchers at a handful of major institutions - including UCSF and Harvard University - are reigniting studies. Scientists started looking at less controversial drugs, like ecstasy and magic mushrooms, in the late 1990s, but LSD studies only began about a year ago and are still rare.

The study at UCSF, which is being run by a UC Berkeley graduate student, is looking into the mechanisms of LSD and how it works in the brain. The hope is that such research might support further studies into medical applications of LSD - for chronic headaches, for example - or psychiatric uses.

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

China to fish up ancient ship

A salvage operation to fish up a centuries-old ship wreckage kicked off Saturday on Nan'ao Island on the east tip of south China's Guangdong Province.

The ship, loaded with more than 10,000 pieces of antique porcelain, is from the Wanli period (1573-1620) of Ming Dynasty, said Chen Jianwu with the publicity department of Nan'ao County.

The ship, which is more than 25.5 meters long and 7 meters wide, lies 27 meters deep in the Sandianjin waters to the southeast of Nan'ao Island, Chen said.

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Paranormal experts probe stately home

A GROUP of paranormal experts spent the weekend at Muncaster Castle debating whether things really do go bump in the night.

The conference, last weekend was organised by Dr Jason Braithwaite from Birmingham University who has been investigating Muncaster’s “ghosts” for more than 17 years.

Top scientists, sceptics, psychics and believers in the paranormal discussed a range of topics including ghosts, UFOs, out of body experiences and conspiracy beliefs.

Dr Braithwaite said after the event: “The conference really has exceeded my expectations. This event was unusual in bringing both sceptics like me and believers together to discuss these controversial subjects. The quality of the speakers and audience has been outstanding.

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Latest UFO Sighting in Arizona Similar to Phoenix Lights

It is quite rare for UFO sightings to be reported on the mainstream media, especially CNN, but this one managed to obtain a few minutes of airtime.

Brad Denning's son received a call from his friend to look up into the sky, because there were some strange lights to be seen. Brad Denning rushed into his home to get his camera and started to record the event (he then contacted CNN)

Apparently, the four lights were in a line to begin with, but later changed formation. However, they remained in one area.

Denning mentioned that a plane flew near the lights, but estimated the plane was around 30,000-40,000 feet below the actual lights. He also said that the lights were not flares.

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The Dark Ages? Why Anglo-Saxon gold find means we must reassess period

It has always been portrayed as time of ignorance and brutality - a mysterious and myth-ridden period of history so lacking in culture and civilisation it is known simply as the Dark Ages.

But the discovery of the astonishing hoard of intricate and beautiful gold and silver trinkets in Staffordshire has at last shed some much-deserved sunlight on our Anglo Saxon ancestors.

And the picture that emerges is not one of a backward, brutish race of ignorant illiterates.

Instead we find a sophisticated poetry-loving people, skilled in metalwork, sculpture and embroidery who not only laid the foundation stones of modern society - but invented a concept of Englishness that still endures.

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Friday, 25 September 2009

The albino tribe butchered to feed a gruesome trade in 'magical' body parts

Like a hunted animal run to ground, the little girl was cornered.

Branded a 'ghost' on account of her striking white skin, Mariam Emmanuel had been chased through her African village, in a remote corner of Tanzania, by a bloodthirsty mob.
Exhausted and terrified, the five-year-old slumped in the dust at the end of an alley. She whimpered and cowered while the adults surrounded her and sharpened their knives and machetes.

Then they set to work, butchering her and dividing up her remains between themselves.
'Mariam did not have the benefit of being unconscious before she died,' said one shocked investigator.

'She was killed, like an animal, by grown men who showed no compassion for another human being.'

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UFOs "spotted" over Mildenhall

A MILDENHALL couple have spoken of the night in September when they witnessed mysterious lights in the sky.
Jane and Nigel Brickett of Raven Close, were at home when they noticed a series of bright, orb-shaped lights hey thought could be UFOs.

"We saw 14 on September 6," said Mrs Brickett, 65 who lives with husband Nigel, 51.

"We are used to aircraft flying over and helicopters and we also know what satellites look like.

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Years of caste system belie Indians' shared ancestry

THE Rigveda, a collection of Sanskrit hymns written around 3500 years ago, doesn't contain much genetics. It does, however, have the first mention of India's caste system, and now a genetics study reveals that inbreeding going back thousands of years has led to marked genetic differences between castes. It also shows that India's many distinct peoples spring from just two ancient populations.

Nick Patterson of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and colleagues examined fragments of DNA from 25 groups across India. They included castes and hunter-gatherer tribes, or "scheduled populations". Each of these groups was genetically distinct, but the profiling indicated that all Indians spring from one of two populations: Ancestral North Indians (ANI), who are genetically close to Europeans, and Ancestral South Indians, who are distinct from both east Asians and ANI (Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature08365).

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China's new dinosaur fossil sheds light on bird origin

Chinese scientists have discovered a 160-million-year-old feathery four-winged dinosaur fossil that sheds new light on the origin of birds.

The dinosaur, excavated from Jianchang County, in the northeastern province of Liaoning, belongs to the Troodontidae, a family of theropods most closely related to birds, Hu Dongyu, head of a research group from the Shenyang Normal University, said Friday.

The fossil is the oldest troodontid reported so far, Hu told reporters in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning.

It is about 20-30 million years older than the earlier oldest troodontid, found also in Liaoning, the scientist said.

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High Numbers Of Spiders Predicted

After months of gloom about the environment and Britain's embattled wildlife, reassurance may be on its way from a creepy and often-unloved source.

Scientists and conservationists are optimistic that an annual survey will record a bumper crop of the country's spiders – more than 650 species which variously weave, jump, hunt and have up to six eyes.

Anecdotal reports of high numbers of spiders, from amateur enthusiasts as well as specialists, are already piling up at the campaigning charity Buglife and the British Arachnological Society (BAS). Temperate weather since the end of winter, with few very hot or cold spells, has suited the animals, which emerge at this time of the year to mate.

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UK swine flu vaccine 'approved'

The European drugs regulator has given the go-ahead for one of the UK's swine flu vaccines.

An expert committee agreed that Pandemrix, made by GlaxoSmithKline, can be used in adults and children over six months old and pregnant women.

The decision removes one of the last obstacles to getting the immunisation programme under way although licensing still needs to be formalised.

The UK has bought 60 million doses of the vaccine.

In addition, there are contracts for an as yet unapproved vaccine, Celvapan, produced by Baxter.

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Nasa UFO Footage

Multiple UFOs Witnessed In Lebanon

A large scale UFO sighting has been reported by media outlets in Lebanon. The public was first alerted to this UFO incident by the television show LBCI. The event took place on Sunday evening, 20 September. Allegedly, around fifty glowing, metallic objects were seen in the night sky by commuters traveling on a motorway that connects the cities of Antelias and Jounieh. Drivers apparently stopped their cars to get a look at the unusual sight.

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Jacko hailed Hitler as a ‘genius’ in lost tape

MICHAEL Jackson praised the showmanship of HITLER - describing him in a bombshell taped interview as a "genius".
Jacko was also convinced he could have got rid of the Fuhrer's evil. His amazing claims - made to a RABBI - are revealed for the first time as The Sun today lifts the lid on a sensational series of recorded conversations between the two friends.

Jacko told close pal Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: "Hitler was a genius orator.

"To make that many people turn and change and hate, he had to be a showman and he was."

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Olivia Newton-John Has Seen UFO

GREASE star Olivia Newton-John has revealed that she is fascinated by unidentified flying objects - and has even seen a UFO.
The 60-year-old - whose character Sandy sang Hopelessly Devoted To You in the classic teen movie - also reckons most Brits now believe in alien visitors.

Olivia claimed that she spotted a UFO when she was just 15. She said: "I have seen one when I was very young. It was unidentified and it was flying."

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Strange disease kills 71 people in Nigeria's Adamawa State

At least 71 people have been confirmed dead and other 746 lying critically ill of a yet to be diagnosed disease in northeast Nigeria's Adamawa State, the Nigerian Tribune newspaper reported on Friday.

Bubakari Musa Kamale, state commissioner for information, confirmed the death toll, saying the nature of the disease has not been determined.

The official said the state government is waiting for the outcome of the specimen sent for analysis. The epidemic has continued unabated for the past weeks, he said, ruling out the outbreak of cholera.

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Strange Smell Over Goole

GERBIL sawdust, raw fish and sewage... all of these have been reported by the public to the Courier to describe a strange smell which has hung over the town in recent weeks.
Residents have been phoning into the Pasture Road offices wondering what the pungent pong is, worrying that the horrible odour might be a health hazard.

Complaints have also been sent into the East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Environmental Healt
ADVERTISEMENT h department whose team has passed on those concerns to Yorkshire Water.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told the Courier last Thursday: "I don't know what it is, but it is so terrible that I couldn't even open my windows.

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Sex Not Tax Deductible

The US Tax Court has recently ruled that money spent on prostitutes and pornography is a not tax deductible expense, even for a New York lawyer.

William G Halby, an established Brooklyn tax lawyer, submitted to the Internal Revenue Services a range of expenses he wanted deducted from his tax liability as “medical expenses”. Under section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code, expenses for medical care can be deducted from a tax liability if the care was for the “diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease” or for the purpose of “affecting any structure or function of the body”.

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Anglo-Saxon Gold Found In Staffordshire

A harvest of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver so beautiful it brought tears to the eyes of one expert, has poured out of a Staffordshire field - the largest hoard of gold from the period ever found.

The weapons and helmet decorations, coins and Christian crosses amount to more than 1500 pieces, with hundreds still embedded in blocks of soil. It adds up to 5kg of gold – three times the amount found in the famous Sutton Hoo ship burial in 1939 – and 2.5kg of silver, and may be the swag from a spectacularly successful raiding party of warlike Mercians, some time around AD700.

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Water Found On The Moon

A surprising amount of water has been found to exist in the Moon's soil.

Data from three spacecraft, including India's Chandrayaan probe, shows that very fine films of H20 coat the particles that make up the lunar dirt.

The quantity is tiny but could become a useful resource for astronauts wishing to live on the Moon, scientists say.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Sydney Turns Red In Huge Duststorm

Green algae biofuel power a possibility

New biofuel technologies could revolutionize the green energy market.

Imagine new green high-rise buildings. No, not just green as in low carbon footprint, but buildings actually powered by green algae. Imagine green algae containers attached to the sides of high-rise buildings, reaching all the way to the roof. These containers, called photobioreactors (PBR), are similar to huge glass water tanks with algae, allowing sunlight to stimulate algae growth and produce highly efficient biofuel.

Having already a variety of biofuels made from corn, sugar cane, canola, and soybeans, why would one bother with algae? One of the latest researches, aimed at producing biofuels, has discovered that algae can produce a lot more energy than all other fuels combined. It could generate 30 times more energy per unit area than most other biofuels derived from crops.

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Who is the sandman?

FOR some it might stand as yet more evidence of UFOs visiting our sun-kissed shores.

Did little green men more used to indulging their artistic aspirations in corn fields have to resort to drawing lines in the sand when they found cattle rather than wheat?

Unfortunately, and despite several recent reports of UFO sightings, it appears that the creature behind the artwork that appeared on Plémont beach on Saturday is very human.

And rather than having a ray gun in his tool box, he had nothing more than a rake and a piece of string.

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UFO's Over Caister Again

IT seems Caister could have become a popular holiday destination for tourists from out of space, as well as visitors on earth, as another strange ball of light has been spotted in the sky over the village.

Noel Galer, chair of Hemsby Allotments Association, was visiting Caister High School for a concert evening on Saturday when he noticed what looked like a bright star out at sea as he stood in the school's grounds.

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Strange Gelatinous Fish Found in Brazil

A bizarre fish recently caught off the coast of Brazil may not be a completely new kind of creature, as originally thought.

The six-foot-long (two-meter-long) gelatinous animal was found floating dead off the Bahia coast by researchers from Brazil's TAMAR Program, a sea turtle conservation group.

Initial accounts quoted the scientists calling the creature "completely new, scientifically speaking."

But fish experts looking at video footage of the bizarre fish have identified it as a member of Ateleopodidae, a little-understood group of deep-sea fish known to science since the 1840s.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Architect Plans To Build On The Moon

Having left the capitals of half the world studded with towers, tents, gherkins and globes, the architect Lord Norman Foster is now gazing into the heavens.

His firm, whose most famous projects include the British Museum's Great Court and the rebuilt Reichstag in Germany, is joining a European consortium pitching for the farthest frontier.

The project would be part of the Aurora programme of the European Space Agency.

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Iran Shoots Down Strange Bright Craft

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has targeted and downed an unidentified shining object after sighting it over Persian Gulf waters.

"Glowing objects were sighted over the Persian Gulf. IRGC air defense targeted one of the objects successfully, forcing it to plummet and sink in the seas off Boushehr (Province)," said top regional commander, Brigadier Ali Razmjou.

"The three bright objects were detected by our radars when flying over the Persian Gulf Islands of Khark and Khargou," he added, according to a Monday report posted on IRNA.

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3500 Year Old Syrian Burial Chamber Found

The archaeological excavations at the royal palace in the ancient city of Qatna, north east of the Syrian city of Homs, have once again unfolded a remarkable archaeological discovery. The summer excavations, due to end September 25, located a rock tomb-cellar underneath the palace containing hundreds of artifacts as well as human bones from the period 1600-1400 BC.

In 2002, excavations at this site found a tomb with accessibility from the central palace rooms. The present excavation, led by the German-Syrian team of Dr. Michel al-Maqdissi, Director of Excavations at the Directorate General of Antiquities in Damascus, and Professor Dr. Peter Pfälzner from the University of Tübingen, brings to light the existence of an unexpected second underground tomb-cellar. Heike Dohmann-Pfälzner is the excavation coordinator on site. The Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies (IANES) in Tübingen spearheads the excavations which have been in existence for the last eleven years in cooperation with the Syrian Directorate General of Antiquities.

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Trojan War Couple Found

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Troy in Turkey have found the remains of a man and a woman believed to have died in 1,200 B.C., the time of the legendary war chronicled by Homer, a leading German professor said on Tuesday.
Ernst Pernicka, a University of Tubingen professor of archaeometry who is leading excavations on the site in northwestern Turkey, said the bodies were found near a defense line within the city built in the late Bronze age.

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Destruction Of Iraqs Archaelological Sites Continues

Buried in Iraq's clay and dirt is the history of Western civilization. Great empires once thrived here, cultures that produced the world's first wheel, first cities, first agriculture, first code of law, first base-sixty number system, and very possibly the first writing. A brutal plundering of this rich cultural heritage has been taking place in broad daylight ever since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. These days Ancient Mesopotamia looks more like a scene from the movie Holes.

"I still find it hard to believe this is happening," Clemens Reichel told the Huffington Post. "Since the 2003 Iraq War, my work as a field archaeologist has changed forever. Sometimes it feels more like an undertaker's work." Reichel, a Mesopotamian archaeologist at the University of Toronto, is former editor of the Iraq Museum Database Project at the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute.

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Archaeologists stumble on gemstone with Alexander’s portrait

Archaeologists have uncovered a rare gemstone engraved with the portrait of Alexander the Great during excavations at Tel Dor in Israel.

This tiny gem was dug up by a volunteer during excavations by a team from the University of Washington-Seattle.

Jessica Nitschke, professor of classical archaeology at Georgetown University in Washington DC, identified the engraved motif as a bust of Alexander the Great.

“Despite its miniature dimensions — the stone is less than a centimetre high and its width is less than half a centimetre, the engraver was able to depict the bust of Alexander on the gem without omitting any of the ruler’s characteristics,” notes Ayelet Gilboa, professor of archaeology at the University of Haifa.

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Monday, 21 September 2009

I can cure Aids - healer

Scientists at South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) are testing a concoction of indigenous plants used by a traditional healer who claims it can cure HIV and Aids.

The research was described at the Sixth annual Bio2Biz conference in Durban on Monday.

About 700 scientists from across the continent are attending the event, which aims to build partnerships between biotechnologists and the business community.

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Watchdog Brand Healer A Menace

The BBC's Watchdog says he's a menace. But when one of our most cynical writers met Britain's most controversial healer, her scepticism began to waver.
So here I am with the man who, in recent days, has become the most controversial healer in Britain - and he's giving me a backrub. Or as Adrian Pengelly puts it: 'I'm tuning into your energy.'

His hands, some claim magical hands, move up and down my spine. There's a weird warm, tingling sensation.

'Your energy's moving OK,' he says, which is, I guess, a good thing. Not like poor Matt Allwright from BBC1's Watchdog.

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Strange Lights Over Stonehaven

Aircraft enthusiasts were left “puzzled” by an unexplained sequence of orange lights which passed across the sky above Stonehaven on Saturday night.

They described the sight as eight orange balls sped through the sky at three-minute intervals at the same speed and the same height.

Dan Paton and Graham Philip and their respective wives, Marie and Aileen, had just left the Carron restaurant in Stonehaven when they saw the first of the lights at about 8.30pm.

Mr Paton, curator of the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, said: “It was an orange light that came towards us, passed us and then disappeared. It was moving in a north-west to south-east direction over Stonehaven and out to sea.

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Big Surge In UFO Sightings

A RECORD number of UFO sightings have been reported in Britain this year, Government figures show.

X Files-style Ministry of Defence documents released as part of a Freedom of Information request say 394 mysterious hovering objects have been seen in our skies between January and the end of last month.

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Footballer Fined For Sex With Parking Meter

A DRUNK footballer's loudly simulated sex with a parking meter has been recounted in Cairns Magistrates' Court.

He then made racial slur against a passerby - the final straw for police.

Adam Michael Kelly, 25, of Smithfield, spent the night in the watch-house after his offensive performance and was fined $150 in court yesterday for causing a public nuisance.

Police were called to a disturbance at the corner of Shields and Abbott streets on August 31 about 8.40pm and found Kelly dry-humping a parking meter and yelling out: "Yeah baby, you know you want it."

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Sharks swarmed on ancient sea monster

Remains of a shark-bitten, 85-million-year-old plesiosaur reveal that around seven sharks likely consumed the enormous dinosaur-era marine reptile in a feeding frenzy, leaving some of their shark teeth stuck in the plesiosaur's bones, according to a new study.

The findings, which will be presented at next week's 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, are the first direct evidence of the diet and feeding behavior of Cretalamna appendiculata, a now-extinct early relative of today's great white sharks.

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Giant Gummy Bear On Sale

Have you ever munched your way through an entire bag of jelly babies but felt like you needed more to get your fix?
Perhaps you're looking for that elusive Christmas present for your sweet-toothed chums who have no fear of diabetes?

Well, help is at hand. Sweetie makers (in the US – where else?) have unveiled the world's largest gummy bear.

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

NASA Experiment May Have Caused Strange Light Seen in the Sky

NASA may have the answer to the light many people reported seeing in the sky Saturday night. According to NASA's web site, a rocket experiment that may shed light on the highest clouds in the Earth's atmosphere was conducted from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, launched on a NASA Black Brant XII Sounding Rocket. WFMZ's Stephanie Esposito reports.

Viewers from all over our region called into 69 News tonight reporting a strange sight in the sky.

From Allentown and Bethlehem all the way to Berks county, everyone calling in described the same thing.

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Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Parts 8 & 9

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 7

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 6

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 5

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 4

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 3

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 2

Ancient Aliens History Channel Documentary Part 1

RAF suspected aliens of "tourist" visits to Earth

A new book reveals details about UFO sightings over British skies after author David Clarke studied declassified Ministry of Defence records.

The book gives new insights into an incident known as "Britain's Roswell" as well as the belief in UFOs by high ranking defence officials.

Documents in the files reveal that there were high level defence officials in the 1990s who believed UFOs could be spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials who could even be conducting "tourist" visits to earth.

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Explorers hope Sumatran ape will yield clues on human development

AN unknown species of Indonesian ape could shed light on how our human ancestors began to walk erect.

The orang-pendek of Sumatra is said to be a powerfully built ape that walks on two legs like a man. Both native people and western explorers, including two noted scientists, have reported the creature from the deep jungle.

This week four English scientists and explorers will brave the rainforest in search of the orang-pendek.

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UFOs return to happy NT hunting ground

UNIDENTIFIED flying objects have returned to a famous Territory hot spot.

Workers and tourists at the Wycliffe Well Holiday Park reported seeing strange lights hovering in the night sky last week.

Park employee Julie Zanker, 36, said she walked outside on Thursday night of last week and was amazed at what she saw.

"We were looking at the sky and there was a white light with red and blue flashing lights around it," she said.

"It was just sitting there, hovering. It definitely wasn't a plane or a helicopter."

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Alien Found In Panama?

Not being one who looks for U.F.O.s or aliens, I must admit that this creature has me thinking. The story begins in Panama in a community known as Cerro Azul. There is no doubt that this unidentified creature looks as if it is straight out of 1977’s Spielberg classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Is it another Montauk Monster? Just what it is, however, no one knows; not the zoologists who are examining its corpse or the teens who state that they killed it when it came towards them. The organism looks unlike anything currently known to man, and the resemblance towards humankind’s depiction of aliens is uncanny. Could this have possibly been some form of life from another planet?

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Secret of the Andes and the Golden Sun Disc of MU

One learns quickly when researching UFOs not to take too seriously predictions made about or by the aliens, as they invariably never come true. But it is the case with some contactees/witnesses that they nevertheless still have moments of near prescience. Such is the case with Brother Philip, the pen name of an associate of George Adamski whose real name is George Hunt Williamson, a contactee whose lecture delivered to a Detroit audience in 1954 is reprinted in its entirety here. Brother Philip discusses such timely topics as ancient astronauts, global warming and other apocalyptic concepts decades before they passed in to the general mainstream. He's years ahead of Al Gore and Erich von Daniken, and credits all his knowledge to alien voices he heard through a friend's shortwave radio equipment.

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Zombies Wanted

At least 50 ghouls, preferably off the slab (although even those in the most advanced state of rigor mortis will be considered), for a weekend of terrorizing and feasting upon the flesh of paramilitary personnel, scientists, and townsfolk. Must be able to move at a semi-living pace, lift at least eight pounds and attack with the autonomatonic ferocity of a servant of Satan. Benefits include free camping and an endless supply of warm, writhing flesh. Must be able to withstand a barrage of heavy fire. Living and vegetarians need not apply.

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Tiny Tyrannosaur Fossil Found

A 9-foot dinosaur from northeastern China had evolved all the hallmark anatomical features of Tyrannosaurus rex at least 125 million years ago.

University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno and five co-authors describe the newly discovered dinosaur in the Sept. 17 Science Express, advanced online edition of the journal Science.

Raptorex shows that tyrannosaur design evolved at "punk size," said Sereno, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, "basically our bodyweight. And that's pretty staggering, because there's no other example that I can think of where an animal has been so finely designed at about 100th the size that it would eventually become."

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Dickson County man believes he killed a Chupacabra

A Dickson County man claims the creature he killed near his home over the weekend is not of this world, but from mythical folklore.

John Hunter says he noticed the odd-looking animal a couple of weeks ago when it showed up in the driveway of his White Bluff home.

He and his wife tried to get closer to get a better look, but the creature ran off.

Hunter said, "Then it came back, closer to the house. That's when it took off and came back again. Every time it came closer and closer, like it wasn't afraid of me."

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Blind Woman Sees After Tooth In Eye Surgery

Forget about an eye for an eye -- doctors in Florida have taken a blind woman's tooth, and used it to help restore her vision.

Cutting-edge surgery can restore eyesight with an implant from a tooth.A team of specialists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine announced Wednesday that they are the first surgeons in the United States to restore a person's sight by using a tooth. The procedure is formally called modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (or MOOKP).

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Mystery Over Paisley UFOs

BUDDIES have been left baffled after they spotted bright lights in the sky above Paisley.

The sightings in the Whitehaugh and Ralston areas on Tuesday night have led to some people claiming that UFOs are targeting the town.

One Paisley Daily Express reader said: “At 9pm, I saw bright lights outside and got up to look out of the window.

“I could see around 30 bright circular, ball-shaped lights spinning around in a circle.

“The shadows of the lights were definitely coming from the sky down and not the ground up. They were there for about 10 minutes.

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UFOs Videod Over Crow Country

MYSTERIOUS lights in the sky over Crow Country have been captured on video.

Andrew Fowler shot footage of the UFO's - three glowing balls of light - hovering near his home in Whitecroft Road, Shepreth, last Saturday.

They were also spotted on the same evening by Gordon Farmer, who was driving back from Barrington when he saw the UFO's near Shepreth station.

Mr Farmer said: "We watched one darting about left to right, and after about five minutes a second one appeared and hovered above the other one."

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Police Probe UFO Sightings In West Auckland

SOMETHING strange was spotted in the skies above West Auckland at the weekend.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing ‘strange lights’ hovering above the village on Saturday night about 10.30pm, just days before the Ministry of Defence released previously undisclosed information of UFO sightings throughout the UK.

Local police, and a national UFO website, confirmed they had received reports from people concerned about the presence of the unexplained objects.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Keith Floyd died hours after lunch to celebrate cancer all-clear

Keith Floyd, the chain smoking, hard drinking television chef, has died from a heart attack only hours after a lunch to celebrate being given the all clear from bowel cancer.

After the lunch he returned to his partner’s Dorset home and excitedly told friends on the telephone that he had not felt so well for years. Floyd, a forerunner of television chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, had settled down on the sofa to watch a Channel 4 documentary about his 25 years in the public eye when he suffered the heart attack and lost consciousness.

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Legendary man-eating New Zealand bird 'did exist'

A giant man-eating bird that appears in ancient Maori legends did actually exist, according to new research.

The Te Hokioi was described as a huge black-and-white predator with a red crest and yellow-green tinged wingtips, in an account given to Sir George Gray, an early governor of New Zealand.

Scientists now think the stories handed down by word of mouth and depicted in rock drawings refer to Haast's eagle, a raptor that became extinct just 500 years ago.

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Not a bird or a plane, but 'not a UFO either'

For years, UFOs have fascinated people, from those in the serious business of science to the layperson. The debate still rages, most of all in the US, the center of the scientific world.

But the latest sighting, many claim, has been in China, even though the scientist who is supposed to have sighted it says: "That's false news. I said 'an unidentified object' not 'an unidentified flying object'."

Ji Haisheng, director of Nanjing-based Purple Mountain Observatory, pronounces each word carefully to clarify that he hasn't made any claim of seeing a UFO during the July 22 solar eclipse, which could be seen across China.

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Sutton man demystifies UFO sightings

Mysterious objects seen hovering above Carshalton last week may have been identified by a Sutton Guardian reader.

Ricky Compton, from Sutton, believes lanterns lit up by him at a party in Wood End, Sutton, were the “bright-burning orange”, low-flying objects spotted by a couple in Carshalton and reported in our newspaper last week.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

UFO's Over Shropshire?

More sightings of mysterious flying objects in the skies above Shropshire have been reported by eagle-eyed readers who are eager to find out what they were.

Three more Shropshire residents have spotted an orange ball of light in the sky over the weekend.

Telford woman Cherie Hussain captured on camera a light in the sky over Malinslee on Saturday night.

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Monday, 14 September 2009

China 'covers suicide bridge in butter'

Government officials in south-east China have ordered workers to cover a 1,000 ft long steel bridge in butter to prevent citizens from using it to attempt suicide.

All the climbable surfaces on the structure in Guangzhou have been covered in greasy fat to put an end to the spate of people threatening to jump from it, The Sun reports.

Government spokesman Shiu Liang said: "We tried employing guards at both ends but that didn't work - and we put up special fences and notices asking people not to commit suicide here.

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Bermuda Triangle plane mystery 'solved'

Two of the so-called Bermuda Triangle's most mysterious disappearances in the late 1940s may have been solved.

Scores of ships and planes are said to have vanished without trace over the decades in a vast triangular area of ocean with imaginary points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

But journalist Tom Mangold's new examination for the BBC provides plausible explanations for the disappearance of two British commercial planes in the area, with the loss of 51 passengers and crew.

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Menorah Depictions Found

Israeli archaeologists have uncovered one of the earliest depictions of a menorah, the seven-branched candelabra that has come to symbolize Judaism, the Israel Antiquities Authority said Friday.

The menorah was engraved in stone around 2,000 years ago and found in a synagogue recently discovered by the Kinneret.

Pottery, coins and tools found at the site indicate the synagogue dates to the period of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem, where the actual menorah was kept, said archaeologist Dina Avshalom-Gorni of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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Planetary Nebulae Mystery Solved

Astronomers have resolved a 30-year-old argument, ruling out a one-size-fits-all mechanism for shaping some of the most beautiful objects in space – the "planetary nebulae".

Planetary nebulae have nothing to do with planets, but are enlarged glowing objects that is stars late in their lives which have shed much of their gas into space. Some appear as round blobs and can look like an eye, an ant or an hourglass.

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Giant Stone Age Axes Discovered

A giant African lake basin is providing information about possible migration routes and hunting practices of early humans in the Middle and Late Stone Age periods, between 150,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Oxford University researchers have unearthed new evidence from the lake basin in Botswana that suggests that the region was once much drier and wetter than it is today.

They have documented thousands of stone tools on the lake bed, which sheds new light on how humans in Africa adapted to several substantial climate change events during the period that coincided with the last Ice Age in Europe.

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One Legged Snake Found

A woman in China has found a snake with a single leg and a clawed foot crawling across her bedroom wall.

“I woke up and heard a strange scratching sound. I turned on the light and saw this monster working its way along the wall using his claw,” 66 year old Duan Qiongxiu told the Delfi.

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Strange Balls From The Sky

A family in Phuket had a close encounter with unidentified falling objects at the weekend when about a hundred small spheres 'dropped from the sky' onto their roof and garden.

The family of six said the transparent balls fell on their home in Wichit about 9am on Sunday directly after a rain shower.

“After the rain had stopped, we heard the sound of things falling on the roof,” said home owner 52-year-old Paweenarak Boonsiew.

Her son then went outside and discovered more than a hundred small, transparent balls on the ground.

The spheres each measure about one centimeter in diameter and are soft and pliable. They have no coloring and do not give off any odor.

Officials from the the Phuket Medical Sciences Center later collected some of the spheres for further examination, leaving the rest with Ms Paweenarak, who said she would keep them for good luck.

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Georgian Skeletons Overturn Evolution Theory

Ancient skeletons discovered in Georgia threaten to overturn the theory of human evolution

For generations, scientists have believed Africa was the cradle of mankind.

Now a stunning archaeological discovery suggests our primitive ancestors left Africa to explore the world around 800,000 years earlier than was previously thought before returning to their home continent.

It was there – hundreds of thousands of years later – that they evolved into modern humans and embarked on a second mass migration, researchers say.

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Mystery Skulls

In the early 1970s, archaeologists unearthed an unusual find in an ancient Chilean cemetery: the skulls of four women whose faces had seemingly been eaten away. None of the other 500-to-1000-year-old bones in the cemetery displayed the same disfigurement. Now, thanks to the region's arid climate, which helped mummify some of the women's facial tissue and brains, scientists think they have figured out what happened.
The cemetery--known as Coyo Oriente--lies near the city of San Pedro de Atacama, in the driest desert on Earth, the Atacama. Archaeologists say the land belonged to the ancient Atacameños, farmers and llama breeders, who wrapped their dead in finely woven cloth before placing them in their sandy graves.

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Lost Indian City Found?

Gujarat historians are thrilled at the discovery of a four-km long fortification south-west of Taranga Hills, comprising Jogida, Shamalia and Dhagolia, in Mehsana district. It was discovered in May this year and kept a closely guarded secret by the state archaeology department. They have all the reasons to believe that this could be the city of Anarthpura, the fabled land of warriors and the possible origin of Gujarat.

It is sheer coincidence that the fortified city in Taranga is in Mehsana, 20 km from Vadnagar, from where Chief Minister Narendra Modi hails, and is estimated to date back to the third or fourth century BC. Early references of this city talk about Anartha, Anarthapura or the Giri Durga of Anartha.

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Fingernails Growing Faster

The speed of finger and toenail growth has surged by nearly a quarter over the past 70 years, a new study has revealed.

And the modern diet – rich in protein from readily available fish, meat, eggs and poultry – may be behind the spurt.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina compared results to a study of nail growth published by Oxford University in 1938 and another study from the Fifties.

The results revealed that big toenails now grow by more than 2mm a month, compared with 1.65mm in the Thirties.

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Charlie Sheen's Video To The President

Not Intelligent Enough To Marry

Social workers banned a young woman from her own wedding in an extraordinary row over whether she is bright enough to get married.
Kerry Robertson, who has mild learning difficulties, was told her wedding was being halted just 48 hours before she was to walk up the aisle with fiance Mark McDougall.
Miss Robertson, 17, had bought her wedding dress and the couple had booked the church ceremony, bought

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Unidentifiable Object Not UFO

For years, UFOs have fascinated people, from those in the serious business of science to the layperson. The debate still rages, most of all in the US, the center of the scientific world.

But the latest sighting, many claim, has been in China, even though the scientist who is supposed to have sighted it says: "That's false news. I said 'an unidentified object' not 'an unidentified flying object'."

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Friday, 11 September 2009

6 Year Ghost Ordeal For Derry Woman

A Derry woman has spoken publicly for the first time of her six year ordeal at the hands of ghostly spirits which she claims haunt her home.

Speaking to the 'Journal', the woman said both she and her family have been left terrified by the ongoing weird happenings at her Shantallow home.

She said evidence of the supernatural - including the apparent voice of a ghost saying " I will kill you" - have been captured by psychic investigators who have regularly visited her home.

Among the raft of unexplained events she claims have plagued her since she moved in to the property in 2003 are the appearance of ghostly figures in the middle of the night, foul smells filling her home and drawers opening and closing of their own accord.

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Readers Verify Kendal UFO Sighting

WESTMORLAND Gazette readers have been in touch to verify a sighting of a “baffling” UFO over Kendal.

The paper reported last week that Eileen Kettle, 69, of Murley Moss Lane, saw an orange and bright yellow object travelling at high speed over the town.

“It was definitely not a lantern as it was not floating about,” she said.

“It was going on a definite trajectory and it was absolutely weird.”

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UFO's Over Epsom?

People spotted a group of lights in the sky flying in formation above Epsom on Sunday evening.

The mysterious lights moving in an arrow shaped formation were seen at around 9pm and some were flashing and appearing to change colours.

One of the people who saw them was Darren Gibbons, 27, from Burgh Heath, who was about to go into the Odeon cinema in Upper High Street, Epsom, when he saw the lights.

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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Power From Trees?

In today's world of high-tech portable gadgets, iPods and cell phones, we've become dependent upon readily accessible electric outlets to power our devices and charge our batteries. But now researchers at the University of Washington have discovered nature's alternative to the power outlet: living trees.

That's right, living trees. UW engineers Babak Parviz and Brian Otis have invented an electrical device that can be plugged directly into any tree for power. "As far as we know this is the first peer-reviewed paper of someone powering something entirely by sticking electrodes into a tree," said Parviz.

The research was based upon a breakthrough study last year out of MIT, when scientists found that plants generate a voltage of up to 200 millivolts when one electrode is placed in a plant and the other in the surrounding soil. Those researchers are already designing devices which act as forest sensors powered entirely by this new method. But until now, no one has applied these findings to the development of tree power.

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Easter Island Red Hat Mystery Solved

They didn’t get them from the L.L Bean catalogue. British archeologists say they now know how the giant stone statues on Easter Island got their fancy red hats.

According to Agence France-Presse, researchers from the University of Manchester and University College, London, claim that the red hats - weighing several tons each – were most likely forged in a hidden quarry, called Puna Pau, located inside the crater of an ancient volcano.

Researchers identified the hats as being made of red scoria, a pumice-like volcanic rock. A key discovery of a road, in which they were transported throughout the small Pacific island, further reinforced a volcanic origin.

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An Irish riddle wrapped in a mystery

NEAR the top of a half-submerged mountain, jutting out of the Atlantic on the south-western tip of Ireland, stands a set of monastic remains that present historians with a puzzle. They are among the most revealing and the most elusive remnants of the early Christian era.

On one hand, the beehive-shaped stone huts where monks lived, prayed and worked are more intact than at any comparable site. They provide insights into the building and engineering skills as well as the religious practices of Ireland’s Christian pioneers. On the other hand, much about the Skellig Michael site, including its age, remains enigmatic. References to it in written sources, the earliest in the late eighth century, are fleeting; only a handful of artefacts have been found.

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Çatalhöyük Finds Change View Of Old Farming Methods

MODERN SCIENTIFIC methods are revealing how the world’s earliest farming communities lived about 9,000 years ago.

Newly discovered human and animal figurines are also overturning some of the previous misconceptions about an archaeological site first opened in the 1960s and a supposed role played by a “mother goddess” for the ancient peoples who lived there.

The evidence is coming from an archaeological site called Çatalhöyük. “This is this amazing site in central Turkey, which is about 9,000 years old and is often talked about as one of the first large settled communities,” explains Prof Ian Hodder from Stanford University. “Çatalhöyük was excavated in the 1960s in a methodical way, but not using the full range of natural science techniques that are available to us today.”

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UFO's Over Denbigh

THE Free Press has been inundated with photographs of UFOs in the sky over Denbighshire and Gwynedd.

Among the most stunning of pictures were those sent by a resident who lives near the summit of Moel Findeg.

Judith Scales contacted the Free Press after seeing last week’s edition, which revealed pictures of a number of UFOs over Denbigh on Thursday, August 20.

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Amazing Hubble Photos

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is back in business, ready to uncover new worlds, peer ever deeper into space, and even map the invisible backbone of the universe. The first snapshots from the refurbished Hubble showcase the 19-year-old telescope's new vision. Topping the list of exciting new views are colorful multi-wavelength pictures of far-flung galaxies, a densely packed star cluster, an eerie "pillar of creation," and a "butterfly" nebula. With its new imaging camera, Hubble can view galaxies, star clusters, and other objects across a wide swath of the electromagnetic spectrum, from ultraviolet to near-infrared light.

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£23 Solar Panel To Ease Energy Needs?

A new type of solar panel using human hair could provide the world with cheap, green electricity, believes its teenage inventor.
Milan Karki, 18, who comes from a village in rural Nepal, believes he has found the solution to the developing world's energy needs.
The young inventor says hair is easy

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Hunt For The Yeti

A group of British explorers and scientists from the Devon based Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), the world’s largest mystery animal research organisation, are about to embark on an expedition in search of a yeti-like creature in Indonesia. The four-man team will search the jungles of Sumatra for what locals call the ‘orang-pendek’. The powerfully built, upright-walking beast may be related to both the orang-utan and the much larger yeti of mainland Asia. In the same island chain remains of the tiny hominid known as Homo floresiensis were unearthed in 2003.

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Pigeon Post Faster Than SA Internet Service

A South African information technology company on Wednesday proved it was faster for them to transmit data with a carrier pigeon than to send it using Telkom , the country's leading internet service provider. Internet speed and connectivity in Africa's largest economy are poor because of a bandwidth shortage. It is also expensive.

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Sex Kicks From Manure

A pervert who got sexual thrills from manure has been jailed after he was caught pleasuring himself - in a muck spreader.
Weird David Truscott, 40, broke into a farm and covered himself in the manure.

He was found wearing rubber gloves and playing in the manure for "sexual reasons", Truro Magistrates' Court heard.

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Cameron Lake Monster Hunt

People have reported seeing what they can best describe as a creature in Cameron Lake, just 30 kilometres west of Parksville, and John Kirk wants to find out what it is.

Kirk co-founded a B.C. group dedicated to hunting unidentified animals, or cryptid, and said he and his fellow members of the Scientific Cryptozoology Club have been fielding calls from people who say it's time to take a closer look. The author of In the Domain of Lake Monsters plans an expedition to Cameron Lake to look for scientific evidence on Sept. 19.

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Police Eyewitnesses Recall UFO Sighting

POLICE officers who saw the UFO described in last week's Journal have come forward to give eyewitness accounts of the event.

The unexplained incident, on March 31, 1993, has recently resurfaced due to secret documents being released from The National Archives.

The incident involved numerous reports of a triangular object appearing near the Bristol Channel.

PC Nick Porter, of Barnstaple police station, said: "I thought it had all gone to bed, but when I saw the article, I had to phone and tell my story."

PC Porter and PC Hughes were on night duty driving from Higher Clovelly to Hartland when they saw an object coming from Bideford Bay.

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Animals Named After Rock Stars

German researcher Peter Jäger revealed earlier today that he's named a new Malaysian species of spider after David Bowie – the fetchingly titled Heteropoda Davidbowie. But what other animals have been named after famous music stars?

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Weird Collections Of The Rich And Famous

DID you know pop babe Britney Spears collects antique dolls as a hobby?

Or that Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp likes buying pigeon skeletons in his spare time?

These are just some of the weird and wonderful things celebrity collectors secretly blow their money on.

Below we've pulled together a Top 10 of weird items our favourite stars keep at home.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Derren Brown Predicts Lotto Numbers

Derren Brown correctly predicted the UK Lotto results for 09/09/09 on his show tonight. The winning numbers he predicted were 2, 11, 23, 28, 35, 39 at odds of 13,983,816/1. To find out how he did the miraculous feat you'll need to tune in to his Channel 4 show on Friday night.