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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Green algae biofuel power a possibility

New biofuel technologies could revolutionize the green energy market.

Imagine new green high-rise buildings. No, not just green as in low carbon footprint, but buildings actually powered by green algae. Imagine green algae containers attached to the sides of high-rise buildings, reaching all the way to the roof. These containers, called photobioreactors (PBR), are similar to huge glass water tanks with algae, allowing sunlight to stimulate algae growth and produce highly efficient biofuel.

Having already a variety of biofuels made from corn, sugar cane, canola, and soybeans, why would one bother with algae? One of the latest researches, aimed at producing biofuels, has discovered that algae can produce a lot more energy than all other fuels combined. It could generate 30 times more energy per unit area than most other biofuels derived from crops.

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