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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The UFO Phenomenon & The "M" Factor

The MSM, (mainstream media), i.e., "The ´M´ Factor," if nothing else—is certainly consistent and predictable in regards to its treatment of the UFO subject.

Most of our readers are undoubtedly aware of the segment done on the Today Show on Monday (Labor Day), entitled, Secrets of The Future Today: Watching The Skies for UFO as well as ABC´s PrimeTime - The Outsiders, concerning the abduction phenomenon with focus on Stan Romanek; the latter aired a few weeks back and was dreadful.

Today´s attention however, is on the "Secrets," segment (seen here); not surprising, and what has become status quo for the MSM is the associating of the noun believer, or the verb believe when discussing the subject matter, insinuating that the topic is "faith-based" or is of a cultus of some sort. This all to common "painting" of Ufology by innuendo has become the norm for the MSM.

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