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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lost Indian City Found?

Gujarat historians are thrilled at the discovery of a four-km long fortification south-west of Taranga Hills, comprising Jogida, Shamalia and Dhagolia, in Mehsana district. It was discovered in May this year and kept a closely guarded secret by the state archaeology department. They have all the reasons to believe that this could be the city of Anarthpura, the fabled land of warriors and the possible origin of Gujarat.

It is sheer coincidence that the fortified city in Taranga is in Mehsana, 20 km from Vadnagar, from where Chief Minister Narendra Modi hails, and is estimated to date back to the third or fourth century BC. Early references of this city talk about Anartha, Anarthapura or the Giri Durga of Anartha.

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