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Monday, 18 January 2010

SarcMark is a really, really, really a good idea. No really.

Could it be the greatest thing to hit the punctuation world since the ampersand?!

Michigan-based company Sarcasm Inc. has come up with the SarcMark, a symbol to denote sarcasm to help avoid confusion in typed messages.

And, as of this week, you can download this new punctuation mark, which resembles a sort of open circle with a dot in the centre, to your computer or BlackBerry for a mere $1.99.

Oh joy! Oh goodie! Yippee! What a deal!

“Statements have the period. Questions have the question mark. Exclamations have the exclamation mark. When you see the newest punctuation mark for sarcasm, you’ll know the writer of that sentence doesn’t literally mean what they’re writing; they’re being sarcastic,” the company said in a release.

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