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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Are Oklahoma City ghosts to blame for NBA Knicks’ loss?

It’s not Halloween, but some humiliated New York Knicks players are blaming ghosts for their trashing Monday by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It was inevitable, really, that the legend of the Skirvin Hilton Hotel’s 10th floor being haunted would become a national story. Now, it appears, the tale is at least getting around in the sports world.

But is there any truth to the legend of a housekeeper named Effie being impregnated by hotelier W.B. Skirvin and then jumping to her death, baby in arms, from a 10th floor window?

Official Skirvin Hilton response:
"We’re happy to have been able to host the New York Knicks, and certainly from my perspective nothing in or around the hotel affected their stay. The superstitions of some of their players perhaps got the best of them. We’re glad they stayed with us, and we’re proud to be an NBA city.”

John Williams,

general manager

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