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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Red Phone: UFOs in South Valley?

"I was just wondering if anyone had reported sightings of what looked like comets falling or 'space' debris falling through the atmosphere on Oct. 26 from around noon to 3 p.m. over the Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy or Salinas areas? I was driving to my dad's house in San Juan Bautista from San Jose and saw about six different images of what looked like the tails of a comet at different times and areas around highway 101. They were pretty interesting. It was nothing like the condensation trail/streams a jet makes either.

Planes are not supposed to appear to be falling out of the sky if I remember correctly. Besides I also saw planes that day too with their "cloudy" trails and their tail trails last longer in the sky. And you can SEE the plane in front of the white trail, even ones that don't last as long. That day was warm and had clear skies until later in the afternoon.

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