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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

NASA: No records found on 1965 Pa. UFO sighting

NASA said it can find no records mentioning an unidentified object that may have landed in western Pennsylvania nearly 44 years ago.

The Coalition for Freedom of Information, a volunteer group which seeks to bring more credibility to the subject of UFOs through journalism and freedom of information quests, sued NASA in 2003 seeking information about the event in Kecksburg. The group's federal lawsuit, backed by the SyFy Channel cable network, was settled in October 2007 when NASA agreed to pay $50,000 in legal fees and search some of its records.

But that nearly two-year search ended in August and yielded nothing, Leslie Kean, a New York-based freelance author and documentarian who directs the all-volunteer CFI, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

"I still believe, from all the work and the research and everything, that something came down" from the sky, Kean said. "But what it was, I have no idea."

NASA's press office didn't immediately return calls for comment Wednesday.

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