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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sermon to demons atop historic rock

Atop the historic Chamaragala rock associated with King Dutugemunu, a move to re-enact the Buddha’s sermon to the king of demons is making headway, though slowly.

The project to portray in sculpture form the Great Teacher’s sermon on the Dambadiva Gijjakuta rock also includes the building of the biggest Samadhi Buddha statue, says Chamaragala rock temple viharadhipathi Ven. Karavilagala Tissa Thera.
The Dambadiva Gijjakuta rock in the background and (inset) Ven. Karavilagala Tissa Thera

“We are building the biggest Samadhi Buddha statue atop the rock. Surrounding it will be the statue of Vesamuni, the king of demons and the statues of 28 demons who accompanied him for a discourse with the Lord Buddha. There will also be 500 statues representing the Buddha’s disciples who were present when he taught the Atanatiya Sutta to the demons,” Ven. Tissa Thera says.

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